Saints at the River

Welcome to Highway 29′s newest motion picture, Saints at the River, based on the highly acclaimed novel by Ron Rash. We hope you’ll watch the seven minute video below, and, if you’d like to know more about the investment, please give us a call at (336)327-3802; or, to reach us by using our contact form, simply click on the contact tab above.


Saints at the River is the story of Maggie Glenn, a newspaper photographer assigned to cover the story of a 12-year-old girl who has drowned in the Tamassee River, a fictional Wild and Scenic River in South Carolina. The girl was swept into a “hydraulic,” an undercut in a rock formation, where the river keeps her body trapped. The girl’s parents want to retrieve their daughter’s body by having a temporary dam installed, while local environmentalists fight to protect the river from any precedent-setting actions. Maggie and her colleague, Allen Hemphill, a Pulitzer-nominated journalist, try to stay objective, but that’s especially hard for them – Maggie grew up in the small town where the conflict has erupted, and Allen, whose daughter died in a car accident, knows the kind of pain and grief being experienced by the girl’s parents. The story presents its characters and the audience with difficult choices and provides no easy answers.

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